How much do bathfitters charge?

Answer Bath Fitter doesn't have any prices quoted on its website and encourages customers to meet with specialists for an estimate. Each installation cost will be different based on location and features.... Read More »

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How to Remove Stains From Bathfitters?

Instead of replacing a worn-out tub, Bath Fitters offers a custom-made bathtub liner. It also offers shower enclosures to brighten up outdated or worn ones. These liners are made of acrylic. Accord... Read More »

Do you have to charge your ipod fully or can you just charge it a little bit then charge the rest the next day?

Answeryou dont need to charge your ipod fully but if you dont it has a high chance of dying. its better for the battery if you charge it fully and then let it die completely.

If I don't fully charge something when I charge it the first time, does that mean it won't hold a charge?

Put that battery in the charger, or whatever you use to charge it and leave it hooked up for at least 24 hours, no less. If not, in 3 months time you will be wondering "why, when I my battery says... Read More »

How long does it take to charge a new powershot sd790 camera i read the manual and it says takes 2-3 hours to charge but never charge more than 24 hours. but it doesnt say how long for new one.?

There is a satelite positioned in the sky which sends the signals the are received by the decoder through an antena (Dish and LNB) This signal is collected by the dish and which reflects it to a fo... Read More »