How much do baseball players make in a year?

Answer Major League Baseball players earned an average salary of $3,297,828 in 2010, a 1.8-percent increase over 2009, according to CBS Sports. Minor League players in the AAA league made between $43,258 ... Read More »

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How much do AAA baseball players make?

All minor league baseball players get paid a standard $850 per month during their first contract season, regardless of what class level they are assigned. The AAA pay scale for the first year is $2... Read More »

How much do single a baseball players make?

During a player's first season in the minors (when some players are in single A) the maximum a player can make is $1,100 a month. In following minor league seasons, the player's contract is negotia... Read More »

How much do baseball players make for each playoff game& the World Series?

Postseason payouts for baseball players are based on their team's success and total gate receipts. The winning World Series team receives 36 percent of a player pool--consisting of a percentage of ... Read More »

How much do minor league baseball players earn?

Minor league baseball players make a maximum of $1,100 during their first contract season and then can negotiate any salary for future years, according to Minor League Baseball's official website. ... Read More »