How much do bank tellers make in Canada?

Answer According to, as of November 13, 2009, bank tellers in Canada earn between $24,000 and $37,000 (Canadian dollars) per year, depending on the number of years of experience they bring to... Read More »

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How much do bank tellers make in LA?

As of March 2010, the average yearly salary for a bank teller in Los Angeles, California, is $24,000. For part-time bank tellers paid on an hourly basis, the average median pay ranges from $10.18 t... Read More »

How much do bank tellers make?

According to, as of September 2009, the middle 50 percent of bank tellers can expect to earn $21,381 to $25,365 a year, while the highest 10 percent may make upwards of $27,000. A... Read More »

Why are bank tellers called tellers?

The verb "tell" is an Old English word that stemmed from the word "tellen". This word meant to count, reckon, consider or account. Since bankers count and sort money, they became referred to as "ba... Read More »

How much money do bank tellers make?

According to, entry level bank tellers start at $19,991 and can earn up to $27,116, as of February 2010. Income varies according to experience, training, education and location. Experien... Read More »