How much do auto yards pay for vehicles?

Answer The amount you receive for your car when you sell it to an auto yard or junkyard is generally based on the weight of the automobile. You can get anywhere from $60 to $200 per ton for the vehicle, s... Read More »

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Instead of buying auto insurance can an individual legally be self insured for their vehicles and if so how do you do that?

Answer It depends on the state you reside in. If permitted you would need to be bondedby having a certain amount of money "locked" in an account that you would have no access to unless you were to ... Read More »

Which auto manufacturer, in your estimation, equips their manual transmission vehicles with the best clutches?

Well I don't really know what friction point means and I don't know anything about the mechanics of clutches, but my Acura Integra GSR's clutch has been awesome. The car is a 2000 and I've never o... Read More »

Bolt of carpet that is 99 yards long and 12 feet wide How many square yards is this?

there are 3 ft in a yard so the carpet is 4 yards wide (12/3=4) and if it is 99 yards long the square yards are (4 * 99) which is: 396 square yards

If your commercial policy on business vehicles is cancelled for a DUI where can you find coverage for other drivers of your vehicles?

Hi,I'm 18 and with Quinn insurance, this covers me to drive someone elses vehicle on a third party basis (I requested this over the phone so doubt if it is standard). However the premiums are very ... Read More »