How much money do astronauts make every day?

Answer Astronauts are not paid extra , for their space flights, it ois volountry. they will get a salary according to their rank in Navy and Air Force.

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Why do astronauts want to be astronauts?

Astronauts want to be one of the few people who get to go into space, to experience living in a weightlessness environment, to look down on the earth from above, and to fully appreciate the vast em... Read More »

Why do astronauts eat tocos?

Well, there isn't a specific reason why they eat tacos. It's like saying why are YOU eating tacos. They are human beings too, just like us. We love tacos and therefore eat them.

What do astronauts need in space?

Oxygen, water, food, protection against the severe cold.

How many female astronauts have there been?

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