How much do animal control officers get paid?

Answer An animal control officer is usually hired by a city or municipality. She handles animals, investigates mistreatment and manages unattended or dangerous animals. The median annual salary in the Uni... Read More »

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What do animal control officers do?

Animal control officers are responsible for the rescue and safety of stray or unwanted animals. They are also tasked with keeping the public safe and informed about animal care and treatment.Animal... Read More »

How much do marine officers get paid?

it depends on ranks and year in service, starting out you can expect to make about 36,000 but with in 6 year you can expect to make up to 50,000-120,000

How much do probation officers get paid?

According to, the average pay for a probation officer is around $45,000 yearly. Geographical location, education and work experience can also play a factor in the sala... Read More »

How much do casino security officers get paid?

The PayScale Report shows two security titles for casino security officers. A security guard averages $10.18 per hour as of May 2010. A security officer earns $11.47. Compare these to other casino ... Read More »