How much do americans spend on cosmetic surgery?

Answer In 2008, U.S. residents spent $7.2 billion on cosmetic surgery. That's equal to $23.35 per person in the country. U.S. residents spent another $4.6 billion on non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such... Read More »

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Would you consider having Cosmetic Surgery...?

Absolutely...I think having bigger boobs would make me a much better child therapist. LOL...just kidding Shelly. No...I wouldn't. But I would do it for me.

Cosmetic surgery question?

Oh for the love of god.....why did I read that question....gagging.....god helpus if there is not some kind of surgery

Has bob barker had cosmetic surgery?

Is cosmetic surgery tax deductible?

On One Hand: Usually Not Medically NecessaryMost cosmetic surgeries do not qualify for a tax deduction, because they are deemed not medically necessary, according to the Internal Revenue Service. E... Read More »