How much do Wrangler 13MWZ jeans shrink?

Answer Wrangler 13MWZ jeans, also called the classic "Cowboy Cut," shrink 3 percent. Wrangler has been making them since 1947. They are considered solid, well-made jeans, and they still have the copper ri... Read More »

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Is there a way to shrink jeans?

Wash them too hot,then put them a bit longer in the tumble dryer.Why dont you just wear a belt?

How do you shrink jeans?

Heat shrinks.Wash in hot water. Unless you have a hot wash/ hot rinse temperature setting, when the hot wash cycle is coming to an end, you'll need to switch to a setting with a hot rinse. You'... Read More »

How do you shrink preshrunk jeans?

Wash your jeans inside out in warm water and dry them in the dryer. This will not shrink them much but you can take them to a dry cleaner and have them altered

How to shrink a pair of jeans!?

the dryer shrinks things, so use very hot water to wash then a hot dryer. Or you can take a few stitches in the side seams on each side.