How much do SIM cards for phones cost?

Answer Prepaid SIM cards can cost $17 to $79. These cards will vary in price according to carrier, denomination amount and area. SIM cards for unlocked phones average $12 and will vary according to phone ... Read More »

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Do all at&t phones have sim cards?

ALL AT&T phones have sim cards some are regular sim and some are micro sims

What can you put on micro sd cards for phones?

MicroSD cards are a removable storage device for electronics. Although they are very small, microSD cards can hold lots of information. MicroSD cards are mostly used with digital cameras, mp3 playe... Read More »

Do Sprint phones use SIM cards?

A SIM card (subscriber identification module) is a microchip, which stores user information, such as phone numbers. A SIM card is similar to a hard disk making switching from one phone to another e... Read More »

Do metro pcs phones have sim cards?

Metro PCS uses a code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile network, which doesn't use SIM cards. However, the manufacturers may have included a SIM card holder in the phone to avoid having to mak... Read More »