How much do Olympus camera lens cost?

Answer The costs for Olympus camera lens has a vast range of pricing. Depending on the lens size, the costs can range from $227 up to and over $1,000. To find an accurate price, lens size is imperative to... Read More »

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How to Remove the Lens Off an Olympus E-300 Camera?

The Olympus E-300 digital SLR camera allows photographers to change the lens to suit the needs of the shot. In addition, photographers should remove the lens from the body of the E-300 when storing... Read More »

Can you fit an Olympus lens to a canon EOS camera?

The short answer is "no."Probably a good machinist could make an adaptor, but autofocus and exposure functions still wouldn't work, and the lens could not focus to infinity, only close-up.

Can you fit an Olympus om lens to a nikon digital camera?

Answer Yes. There are adapters avalable that let you do this. But, you will have to focus manually.[Spelvin adds] In addition, because such adapters generally serve as a spacer between the rear of ... Read More »

Is an Olympus camera lens expensive to replace?

yes, Olympus camera lens's are very expensive to replace. you are better off just getting a newer, up to date, fancy Olympus camera. get a tripod and make some movies too.