How much do NFL players make for the Super Bowl?

Answer In 2010 Super Bowl players on the winning team received $83,000. Players on the losing team walked away with $42,000. Additionally, the winning team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The NFL pays... Read More »

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How much do NFL players make in the Super Bowl?

Players that made it to the Super Bowl in 2010 received individual game bonuses. Each player on the winning team received a bonus of $83,000, while each player on the losing team received a bonus ... Read More »

How many defensive players have won Super Bowl MVP?

Eight defensive players have won the Super Bowl MVP award: Chuck Howley in 1971, Jake Scott in 1973, Randy White and Harvey Morton (co-MVPs) in 1978, Richard Dent in 1986, Larry Brown in 1996, Ray ... Read More »

What is the percentage the players get of the tickets in the Super Bowl?

Currently NFL players do not get a share of Super Bowl revenue even if their teams play in the game. The Super Bowl in 2010 paid the winning team's players $83,000 each and the losing players $42,0... Read More »

What percentage of NFL players get a Super Bowl ring?

A little more than 3 percent of NFL players receive a Super Bowl ring every year. There are 32 NFL teams and each carries a roster of 53 players. Every player on the championship team receives a ri... Read More »