What officials make up the Executive branch?

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Do government officials have to pay tax?

Government officials must pay income taxes. They also must pay state and local taxes when applicable, as well as sales tax. Most must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes; however, there are spec... Read More »

How to Contact Government Officials?

One of your rights as a citizen in a democracy is to contact government officials in order to ask for help or share your views. You are able to contact everyone from the President of the United Sta... Read More »

How to Get Elected Officials to Listen?

Feel like elected officials never listen? Want to know the best way to get their attention (and support?) With hundreds of millions of communications coming into the offices of elected officials, i... Read More »

How to Locate Elected Officials?

The citizen's right to contact his elected officials is central to the American form of government. Whether you want to ask a question, make a suggestion or voice a concern, you should be able to l... Read More »