How much do NASCAR drivers make in a year?

Answer Salaries for NASCAR drivers depend on sponsorships, endorsements, wins and other factors. Drivers can earn anywhere from $400,000 a year, the base salary for rookies in 2005, to $35 million, the an... Read More »

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How much do NASCAR drivers make?

NASCAR salaries are largely unknown. The salaries can vary according to sponsorship, prize money and other obligations. The average salary for a NASCAR driver is thought to be around $1 million ann... Read More »

How much do NASCAR drivers get paid?

The average yearly salary of a NASCAR driver is between $5 million and $7 million. Extra money is often given for wins and placement in Top 5s and Top 10s. These salaries do not reflect additional ... Read More »

How much do UPS drivers make in a year?

If you like to drive and do not mind sitting longer or lifting light items, you may enjoy being a UPS driver. As a UPS driver, your typical salary will be $24.69 per hour which will add up to $51,8... Read More »

How fast do NASCAR drivers go?

NASCAR speeds vary from track to track, but drivers typically average lap speeds between 170 and 190 miles per hour. The speed record in competition has been held by Bill Elliott, whose qualifying ... Read More »