How much do Marines make a month?

Answer Marine enlisted privates start out as E-1 at $1,447.20 a month, as of March 2010. As a commissioned officer, or O-1, the individual starts at $2,745 a month. The "E" stands for enlisted, and the "... Read More »

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How much does a second lieutenant in the Marines make per month?

The salary of a second lieutenant in the Marines depends on experience, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries start at $2,745 a month and top off at $4,289, not including benef... Read More »

How much do merchant marines get paid a month?

Salaries for merchant marines, people who work on a merchant sailing vessel, can vary greatly according to location and experience. However, on average, a merchant marine makes $3,750 per month, or... Read More »

How much money do Marines make?

With less than two years of regular service, an enlisted marine at the rank of "E-1" has a base pay of $1399.50 ($1294.50 while in basic training) as of 2009. An officer with less than two years o... Read More »

How much money do US Marines make?

See the related link. Your Marine's monthly base pay will be at the intersection of his rank (paygrade) and years of service.