How much do I tip a house cleaner at Christmas?

Answer At Christmas it is recommended that clients tip house cleaners or housekeepers up to one week's worth of pay. This amount is suggested for house cleaners who work at your home on a regular basis. F... Read More »

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How Much Should One Pay for a House Cleaner?

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Why does your 91 corvette run bad and sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking too much air at the throttle body to the hose to the air cleaner?

Answer Look at 2 things. Replace the air filter ASAP. Check to make sure the air intake before the filter is not clogged. Also check the exhaust system and see if you have a bent pipe somewhere. A... Read More »

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner and Bead Christmas Ornament?

Christmas ornaments made from pipe cleaners and inexpensive plastic beads can brighten any Christmas tree. You can also get creative and use them on wreaths or garland in other areas of your home. ... Read More »

When to Hire a House Cleaner?

Maintaining a clean home requires daily tasks, such as cleaning dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor, as well as weekly and biweekly tasks such as dusting and vacuuming. There's no doubt about it ... Read More »