How much do I feed my cat?

Answer On One Hand: Cat FeedingHow much you should feed your cat depends upon what is appropriate for its size, age, and physical condition. A cat that just had kittens and is making milk will need a larg... Read More »

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How much do you feed a 50-60 lb dog?

A 50 to 60 pound adult dog should be fed once or twice daily. Those dogs require 3 to 5 cups of dry dog food or 1 to 3 cups plus one or two cans of dog food per day. If you mix water with dry food,... Read More »

How much is horse feed?

Horses are animals that require large amounts of food due to their size and work load. Horse feed costs vary considerably depending on the quality of feed and location of the feed supplier.Daily Ro... Read More »

How much feed does a cow eat?

A cow age 4 to 12 months requires 1.8% to 2.2% of its body weight in grain, with access to good roughage--either grass or hay--per day. The percentage of feed varies based on the quality of the fee... Read More »

How much do you feed an older dog?

An older dog has different nutritional and caloric needs than younger dogs. Reduce the amount of food gradually, after consulting a licensed veterinarian. Provide dog food high in fiber and low in ... Read More »