How much do I deduct from my check for Medicare?

Answer On One Hand: Employees Pay One-Half of Medicare TaxMedicare tax is calculated by multiplying total wages by 2.9 percent. There is no limit to the amount of wages subject to medicare tax. However, e... Read More »

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Can I deduct Medicare part B in my taxes?

Medicare part B is a form of heath insurance. Health insurance premiums are tax deductible under medical expenses on your itemized deductions. Any insurance premium, including Medicare part B, can ... Read More »

Why do they always deduct Medicare tax from my paychecks yet I don't have any form of health assistance?

"Hey government, why don't you help me pay another doctor by giving me my Medicair/are money back so I can make it to 65?"Where, pray tell, do you think the 'government' would get the money to "pay... Read More »

Will they deduct taxes you owe out of your check?

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States may garnish your wages to collect unpaid taxes, penalties and interest that you owe and have failed to pay. The process requires a notice and dema... Read More »

How to Check a Medicare Claim Status?

If you receive Medicare benefits, you will receive a Medicare Summary Notice in the mail. The MSN will show all the health care services that you received and that were billed to Medicare within th... Read More »