How many fire fighters go in a fire truck during a fire?

Answer It depends upon what type of truck and the mission assigned to it. Many pumpers that have water and hose are manned with between 3 and 5 firefighters. Ladder trucks usually have 4 or 5 and rescues ... Read More »

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How do fire fighters put out an airoplane fire?

Special F.D. Crash trucks are used to put out fires in aircraft. These trucks usually carry their own water and foam in the truck. Fire Hydrants are not located on runways. Foam is a major tool in ... Read More »

What was the name of the fire fighters on family fued?

Why fire fighters do not use sand to put out fires?

Because water is better to use to put out fires than sand.

How much do ufc fighters make?

Ultimate Fighting champions experience a varied pay scale. According to, the least that a fighter will make, win or lose, is about $5,000. Their pay is determined on the event and how... Read More »