How much do FedEx couriers make an hour?

Answer According to "Fortune" magazine, full-time Fedex couriers make an average of $37,351 a year, as of April 2010. With a standard work week of 40 hours, it is slighly less than $18 an hour. However, a... Read More »

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Flat rate plus mileage couriers charge?

Yes, well.... It's all well and good that you can string 6 words together, and maybe you'll even get a couple of page references doing it that way from a computerized search engine like Bing or Go... Read More »

How much do FedEx drivers make?

FedEx drivers aren't employees of the company. They are independent contractors and their salary is based on the number of pickups and deliveries made. Drivers usually average $40,000 to $70,000 a ... Read More »

How much does a FedEx driver make?

According to "Fortune" magazine, the average annual salary of a FedEx driver (courier) is $37,351, as of April 2010. On, eight anonymous FedEx couriers reported an average hourly wage... Read More »

How much does a Fedex employee make?

According to The PayScale Report, salaries of Fedex employees vary by position. As of April 2010, a light truck driver earns $31,657 annually; an operations manager gets $60,417; an account executi... Read More »