How much do 50 inch HDTVs cost?

Answer It depends on the brands we are looking for. It varies on Sony, Samsung, LG every company uses different products even though the result is the same the quality may be different. So I cannot say an... Read More »

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How much bigger do HDTVs come than 50 inch?

HD televisions can come as big as seventy in. You would need a really large room to watch that in.You can get them in fifty two inch sets also .The fifty two inch is very popular.

How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

How much does a 60 inch HDTV cost?

There are lots of different models which range in quality, check out,, and to see some prices.

How much does a Sony 52 inch TV cost?

That really depends on where you buy it. A swap meet will give you the best deal, but it may be a stolen item.