How much diswasher salt should you put in your hoover dishwasher?

Answer What on earth is diswasher salt?!?If you mean soap, usually about a tablespoon per cup will work. That's less than the manual will suggest but it should be enough to get your dishes clean. If not, ... Read More »

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You have the make of hoover dishwasher where you can put salt and why you put venegar and what type of detergent you can use?

Ives W. McGaffney, of Chicago, created a mechanical machine in 1868. Hubert Cecil Booth, an English engineer, built an electric vacuum cleaner in 1901. Daniel Hess invented the vacuum cleaner in ... Read More »

Can you use any kind of water softener salt in a dishwasher designed to use such salt specifically a Miele?

use a blow drier to melt the wax again then using a wet towelette wipe it up! works wonders!

Is dishwasher salt the same as swimming pool salt?

NO------- Dishwasher salt is, however, the same as softener salt as used in water softeners for houses. You could use granular or tablet form. It's approximately one third to one quarter of the pri... Read More »

How do you solve E1 error code on Hoover HD98E Dishwasher?