How much distance can a 55-200 zoom lens zoom?

Answer 55--200 zoom lens are equivalent to 82.5-320mm and is able to zoom in on an image or an object at roughly 4 ft. or 1.2m in distance.Source:Canon:Telephoto Zoom LensNikon Zoom

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If you were to compare an EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens to a camera with built in optical zoom what would be the equivalent i.e. 4x 8x 12x etc.?

Do i need a 200mm zoom or a 300mm zoom lens?

On One Hand: A 200mm OverviewA 200mm zoom lens has a variable focal length (as in 70-200mm) with 200mm defining the extent of its telephoto capabilities. Because of the weight of a 200mm zoom lens,... Read More »

How much difference is there between a x50 zoom and x60 zoom on a digital camera?

Answer You will have an image about 20% larger at x60, but there is catch. Usually magnification of that amount is a combination of the optical zoom and digital zoom. The total obtained by multipl... Read More »

Can someone explain the differences between the 55 300mm ed vr af s dx nikkor zoom lens the 70 300mm ed af s vr nikkor zoom lens and the tamron af 70 300mm Di LD?

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