Why does the stock market rise and fall?

Answer The stock market rises and falls because it is subject to a number of often conflicting factors. Both hard economic data and the intangible of investor emotions contribute to stocks moving up and d... Read More »

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What makes the stock market rise&fall?

Stock markets unite savers searching for investment opportunities, alongside corporations seeking financing with stock offerings. You should monitor stock market indexes, prior to making financial ... Read More »

Why stock market (BSE,NSE,etc) is closed from today(Thursday) and tomorrow(Friday)?

On a/c of Election,For Everyday Stock market Information:…

How much was the stock market down after 9/11?

Stock markets ceased trading on 9/11 after the terrorist attacks and did not resume trading until Monday, September 17, 2001. The Dow Jones Industrial averages closed down 659.62 points. Throughout... Read More »

How much did the stock market decline in 2008?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 4,267.57 points, or 32.72 percent, between January 2 and December 31, 2008. During the same time period, the NASDAQ Composite declined 1032.60 points, or 3... Read More »