How much did the first digital computer weigh?

Answer The Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC) was the first electronic digital computer. It was made by two professors at the University of Iowa--Dr. Clifford E. Berry and his colleague, Dr. John V. Atanosoff... Read More »

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Does digital information physically weigh anythng Example: If you fill a 200Gb HD, will it weigh more?

No. Info save is just magnetic variations, so atoms (molecules?) are same.

How to Transfer Digital Photos from Your Digital Camera to Your Computer?

It can be a hassle and can take a lot of time for an inexperienced user to transfer digital photos from digital camera to a personal computer. However, once learned, it will take only a matter of m... Read More »

How much does a professional digital movie camera weigh?

There are many different types of professional-grade digital video cameras, and each one can be a different weight. The Panavision Genesis, for instance, has a weight of 13.25 lbs. but is 24.83 lbs... Read More »

How much did the first computer weigh?

ENIAC, which was the first electronic automated computer, was developed at the Moore School of Engineering and weighed 30 tons. This computer calculated ballistics by using 20 electronic registers ... Read More »