Dinner with Dune and today's challenge comes from the 'bottom of the barrel'?

Answer Corned beef...mmmm. Since I always have potatoes and onions at home, I'd probably whip up a corned beef hash. It's rare that I don't have cabbage also, so hopefully it wouldn't be one of those ti... Read More »

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Where is there an electronics expo or sale today in suburban chicago?

Yes... there's a great need for electronic questions in the suburb of R&S... *hint hint*Edit: Your one question disappeared *sigh*

How much is a pistol with secret service 44 cal on barrel 1914 date on handle on side of handle worth today?

Dodge 318 Swap Conversion from 2-Barrel to 4-Barrel?

The base model version of Dodge's 318 was equipped with a two-barrel carburetor because most consumers were not very interested in horsepower, and because a four-barrel carburetor uses more fuel. F... Read More »

What value is a hammerless 38 Smith Wesson ctcs top of the barrel left side secret service special five shot revolver with a 3.25 barrel sw on both sides of wood grips number 7 on trigger guard?

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