How much did it cost to build medieval castles?

Answer The cost to build a medieval castle depended on various things, such as location, quality of materials, weather and transport. Few reliable records exist, but we do know that castles in England co... Read More »

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Who lived in castles in Medieval times?

The king or lord of the castle and his family always lived in the castle, as did his accounting staff, the castle guard and the staff who took care of daily tasks like cleaning, hunting or cooking.... Read More »

Tell me why, do we build castles in the sky?

How to Build Toy Castles?

Castles and medieval knights inspire the imagination of many children. Castles to play with can be made in a variety of sizes. Large boxes will make a castle large enough for children to play insid... Read More »

How to Build Medieval Weapons out of Wood?

In this Article I will show you how to make number of medeival weapons out of wood. By the end you will have a vast array of sparring weapons ready to use including the flail and the axe.