How do I stop youtube from asking me to link my google account with my youtube account?

Answer there should be a cancel or some kind of cross button just to get rid of it, i have a google account but it still keeps on coming up :/

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How to not use a Google name for YouTube?

Once you've registered with you tube. - Click on the top right of the screen. - A drop down box comes down- On the left side of the drop down menu, you will see a menu for dealing with your you tub... Read More »

Why did Google buy out YouTube?

Google and YouTube not working?

You may need to do a system update or update your drivers also check your phone line to see if its working as there may be a problem with your phone line.

Google voice help and youtube help?

If you want to keep it simple, you just have to hold your mic near your speaker. Yea thats the dumbest but the easiest way to do it for you. Otherwise you would want to send the sound output of you... Read More »