How much dehydrated water do I need for a two week road trip?

Answer well that is a good price for it. You should probably get at least 1 gallon of dehydrated water, per person, per day- now I know it seems like you would need more but you have to keep in mind that ... Read More »

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How to Plan a Back-Road Road Trip?

Embark on a road trip adventure and travel to destinations you've always wanted to visit. Tackling the backroads instead of crowded highways and urban roads has its advantages and disadvantages. Th... Read More »

I'm seriously dehydrated, there's no water, my parents couldn't care less & i need water- help?

well first off you should call the police because that's child abuse and neglect. second I learned this trick in themilitary. find a bucket of any size, put a cup in the middle of it, get a rag and... Read More »

Where can I buy dehydrated water"?

I used to work at a grocery store, and it was always a thing to trick the new workers by telling them to look for dehydrated water. Seriously, some people would be looking around the store for thei... Read More »

How to Take a Road Trip?

Road trips have endless possibilities.No matter your age or occupation, everyone could use a little fresh air from time to time. Taking a road trip with your friends or family can be an excellent w... Read More »