How much data is stored on

Answer lets see.............even your whole hard drive would not be enough to store the info

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How was data stored on the BBC?

How is data stored on a CD-ROM?

"Here's how the CD-ROM works, in a nutshell (I'm not going to go into the gory details of how the laser beams are manipulated within the drive because that can get complicated--there are in fact se... Read More »

How much data is stored on a SIM card?

SIM cards store data in cell phones. The amount of data stored depends on the storage capacity of the SIM card. For example, approximately 100 phone book entries can be stored on a 16K SIM card.Sou... Read More »

Where is data stored in EEPROM?

Any information or data stored in an EEPROM is stored as an electrical charge on a transistor within the EEPROM. The term EEPROM stands for electronically erasable programmable read only memory.Ref... Read More »