How much data can a dvd store?

Answer The exact type of DVD you buy determines how much data you can store. A single-layered, single-sided DVD can store 4.7GB; a single-sided, double-sided DVD, 8.5GB; a single-layered, double-sided DVD... Read More »

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How much data can a cd store?

The amount of data you can store on a CD-ROM depends on the type of CD and what kind of information you put on the disk, according to the website CDRFAQ. The typical disk can store 650 megabytes of... Read More »

How much data can a zip disk store?

Zip disks are available in various storage capacities---from 100 megabyte to 250 megabyte sizes, according to Smart Computing. Created by the Iomega Corporation in 1995, zip disks have 70 times the... Read More »

Can I store data on an iPod?

The iPod is best known for its ability to store and play music, games, videos and photos, but it can also be used as an external storage device. However, you must first set it up to be used as an e... Read More »

Does the SD card that comes with your pc store data?

Dell doesn't usually give away SD cards with their computers. They sometimes put a SD card shaped bit of plastic in the SD card reader slot.It's easy to tell, those bits of plastic don't have the c... Read More »