How much damage is needed to total a car?

Answer An insurance company takes a number of factors into account when deciding whether or not to "total" a car. Having one's car totaled can either be a profitable or enraging experience for the owner, ... Read More »

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How much damage does it take to total a car?

There are many determining factors to classify a car as a total loss. Condition of the car at the time of accident, age and mileage all determine the blue book value of the vehicle along with the c... Read More »

How much property damage insurance is needed for a new car?

On One Hand: Every State Sets Minimum Property Damage Limits.Property damage liability coverage pays for damage to the other person's auto in the event that the policyholder is found at fault in an... Read More »

Are Pap smears needed after a total hysterectomy?

Generally, a woman who has had a hysterectomy that included complete removal of her cervix (a total or complete hysterectomy) does not need to have future Pap smears. If, however, the hysterectomy ... Read More »

How much is a canon camera...a 8.0 megapixels and 4x optical zoom...How much is that total cost?

Current Canon digital cameras with those specifications are the A580 (being offered new for $129-$219); the A590 (being offered new for $148-$299); the SD850 (being offered new for $222-$379). All ... Read More »