How much damage have I done to my computer if I have 610 problems?

Answer Did you use the free version? If so be suspect of the numbers, they are trying to sell you their product. Download AVG antivirus from it is fairly large but a free anitvirus... Read More »

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Peach Tree Freeze Damage Problems?

Peach trees are highly susceptible to freeze damage and the problems associated with freezing temperatures. Although they do require cooler temperatures in order to promote growth and fruiting, th... Read More »

Can being on the computer cause eye damage?

No, it can strain the eyes if you don't take breaks. But it won't damage the eyes.If you are on the computer for an hour, take a 5 min break.It was the belief of many that it did cause damage but i... Read More »

Can smoking near your computer damage anything?

How Can ESD Damage Computer Components?

Electrostatic discharge, often abbreviated ESD, is the electrical surge that occurs when two objects with different electrical potentials come into contact with each other. When ESD occurs, the sur... Read More »