How much creosote should be in a chimney before cleaning?

Answer Your chimney may require cleaning once per year or every few weeks, depending on use and conditions. Wood stoves build creosote (soot) faster than fireplaces. Generally, you should clean after ever... Read More »

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How to Reduce Creosote Buildup in a Chimney?

Creosote is a combination of gas, ash and unburned particles that result from the combustion of wood in a fireplace, furnace or stove. As these particles and gas rise through the chimney, cool and ... Read More »

How to Chimney Sweep Creosote in a Pipe?

Save money and maybe a life by removing creosote buildup from your pipes and chimney. Creosote is the name for the unburned carbon by-products produced from burning wood, coal or oil. Creosote buil... Read More »

How to Remove Creosote From a Metalbestos Chimney?

Creosote is carbon residue that burns off a fire and settles onto the walls of your chimney when it cools off. This black residue is flammable and if you let it build up, it could cause a highly da... Read More »

Do creosote cleaning logs for the fireplace work?

On One Hand: Reduces Chimney Build-upCreosote logs, also known as chimney sweeping logs, allow you to go longer between chimney-sweepings. The logs include a chemical that reacts to the creosote in... Read More »