How much crawl space is in a double-wide?

Answer The vast majority of double-wide trailers do not have a crawlspace. Instead, they are usually placed on a concrete pad or on a leveled base of gravel. Where burrowing by animals is a concern or mor... Read More »

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How much is a double wide?

Mobile home prices range from $50,000 to a little over $100,000 for double wides. Smaller homes with fewer bedrooms and less square footage are priced at the lower end of the range with larger doub... Read More »

How much does it cost to move a double-wide?

The cost to move a double-wide trailer varies based upon how it has to be removed and where it has to be taken. However, the average cost to move a mobile home, including setup and installation, is... Read More »

How much space is needed for a double knockout rose?

The Double Knockout Rose averages 3 to 4 feet in both width and height. This flowering shrub is fairly compact, but when planting more than one in a group it is recommended that you take the plant'... Read More »

How wide is a double-wide trailer?

Double-wide trailers are usually between 20 and 32 feet wide. Each section of a double-wide mobile home is between 10 and 16 feet wide, so that the sections can be towed to the site separately and ... Read More »