How much could i get for my Computer?

Answer Depending on what exactly are the 4 missing things, you could get anywhere from $150-$200 based on some comparative sales currently on ebay.…

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Why would you want to get a desktop computer when you could get a portable laptop computer?

cause the desktop has more bang for the buck and is upgradable

Could I leave my computer on 24/7?

A lot of people leave their computer on all the time. You can set your computer to turn off the monitor after x number of minutes, your hard drive after x number of minutes, etc. Look for 'power ... Read More »

Could you live without a computer?

Before August 13th I would have said no, I couldn't live without it. I shop on-line at Tesco and they deliver to my door. Perfect as I was severely disabled and in a wheelchair with arthritis. On ... Read More »

Could this be a virus in my computer?

You should look and see if there is an update for your wireless mouse. Even if it's a dell mouse, you can go to dell support and put in your computer information, and see what updates are available... Read More »