How much cos to repair an iPhone it gets frezee?

Answer No it does not. If you try to go to a store once in a while and get off your lazy butt maybe you would find out.:) no offense.......:)

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Is it easy to repair the iPhone 4?

yea its not too bad you can do it just gotta be carful with all the components, there a lot of screws on it so you gotta make sure where they go when you are taking them out, You can buy parts to ... Read More »

Will Verizon repair cracked iPhone 4?

Yes, if you want to know how using email, see related links.

How should you repair the broken screen on your iPhone?

How much does it cost to repair the back panel of an iPhone?

You would need to take it to apple store some best buys are an apple store if they can't fix it which I'm sure they can tape it up with clear packaging tape.Good luck Past hey would keep your pho... Read More »