How much corn seed should be used per acre?

Answer Ten to 15 lbs. of corn seed should be used per acre. This is equal to 19,200 to 43,200 seeds, depending on the seed size. Flat-shaped seeds tend to grow more vigorously then round seeds.Source:Univ... Read More »

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How many pounds of corn seed are needed per acre?

It takes five to ten pounds of corn seed to cover an acre of land. The amount of corn seed required is dependent on seed size. Nine to ten pounds are used if the corn seed is normal sized. If the c... Read More »

How Much Corn to Plant Per Acre?

Corn is a common farm commodity. Varieties known as sweet corn are commonly grown by gardeners for home consumption and on a larger scale by market garden operations. There are also specialty corns... Read More »

How much corn gluten is used to fertilize one acre?

Corn gluten is an all-natural byproduct of corn processing. A breakthrough in organic gardening, corn gluten can be used to reduce weeds, add nitrogen to the soil, control diseases, stimulate compo... Read More »

How many bales of straw do I need to seed an acre?

Although the amount of bales may vary depending on the type and size of the straw bales, about 100 should be used to efficiently seed an acre. At that amount, about half of the soil should be visib... Read More »