How much concrete mix is needed to fill cinder blocks?

Answer One cubic yard of concrete mix will fill approximately 74 cinderblocks, assuming the typical cinderblock has two six-inch-deep openings, each measuring five inches across and eight inches long. Tha... Read More »

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How many concrete blocks are needed to build a house?

The amount of concrete blocks that you will need to build a house will depend on the size of the house that you will build. The concrete masonry block used to build houses is 8 inches wide x 8 inch... Read More »

How much are concrete blocks?

The cost of concrete blocks depends on the type of blocks and your location. For example, in Orange County, California, a 6-by-8-by-16-inch standard gray block costs 83 cents. A tan slump box of ... Read More »

How much do concrete blocks cost?

How much do concrete blocks weigh?

To determine the weight of a concrete block without actually weighing it, you must determine its volume. Measure the length of all three sides and multiply them together, giving the measurement in ... Read More »