How much concrete does an 80lb bag make?

Answer You will have enough pre-mixed cured concrete to cover 0.6 cubic feet in one 80 pound bag. To determine how many bags that you need for your project, divide the cubic feet of the project by 0.6 cub... Read More »

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How much concrete does a concrete truck carry?

The typical load for a concrete truck mixer is 8 to 2 cubic yards. Each cubic yard of concrete of weights 1 ton, or 2,000 lbs., putting the total weight capacity at 32,000 to 48,000 lbs.Source:nrmc... Read More »

How much concrete is needed to pour a 20x20 concrete slab?

Assuming the slab is three-inches thick, you need 13,320 pounds of dry concrete, or 333 40-pound bags. You can calculate the exact amount for a different depth by calculating the cubic yards of the... Read More »

How much concrete is needed to make a 19x20 slab?

The amount of concrete needed for a 19-by-20 slab will depend on the inches of thickness. A 4-inch thickness will require 4.69 cubic yards, a 6-inch thickness equals 7.04 cubic yards and an 8-inch ... Read More »

How much concrete will 94 pounds of cement make?

Concrete contains 10 to 15 percent cement, depending on the intended purpose of the mixture. Starting with 94 lbs. of cement, you could make 626.67 lbs. of concrete at 15 percent, or 940 lbs. at 10... Read More »