How much compost should you put in your garden?

Answer at least one inch a year. doing this will allow for good stuff to be put into the soil. if you are look too correct physical problems (such as bad drainage and structure of the soil) just add a lot... Read More »

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How much compost is needed to cover 400 square feet of garden soil?

The amount of compost that is needed to cover 400 square feet of garden soil depends on how deep you want to make it. To spread the compost so that it is 2 inches deep, you would need 2.47 cubic ya... Read More »

Is compost good for your vegetable garden?

yes it helps to fertilize the soil making it better for the plans tp get more nuetriant out off whitch helps them to grow quicker and better

Is shellfish compost really good for your organic garden?

The biggest advantage of shellfish compost is in soils infested with root-knot nematodes. Root-knot nematodes attack the roots of tomatoes, peppers, and many other vegetables, forming galls that re... Read More »

How much compost should I put on new fruit trees?

Compost should not be applied to young fruit trees. Compost, though it is organic, is considered a fertilizer, and may cause a young tree to continue putting on new growth into the fall. If young t... Read More »