How much colloidal silver turns you blue?

Answer While it's true that excesses of colloidal silver can cause the skin to gets a blueish tint, this is usually caused after years of taking daily supplements in rather large doses. The documented cas... Read More »

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How much colloidal silver should be taken for an infection?

On One Hand: A Natural AntibioticColloidal silver, a liquid suspension of tiny silver particles, is believed to act as an antibiotic for the treatment of infections, rashes, sunburn, burns, wounds,... Read More »

Can a silver spoon&water make colloidal silver?

A silver spoon stirred in water will create colloidal silver, according to Bali for Kids. Since colloidal silver is simply water with silver particles, a spoon with a high concentration of silver w... Read More »

DIY Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is used against bacteria and viruses in the body, on the body, and on hard surfaces, like counter tops. When you purchase colloidal silver from a dealer, you are usually assured of... Read More »

Colloidal silver?

A lot of people use colloidal silver in the US. Despite that isn't it strange the one guy who got his skin turned blue is the only thing that's ever been mentioned on the subject?colloidal silver ... Read More »