How much colloidal silver should be taken for an infection?

Answer On One Hand: A Natural AntibioticColloidal silver, a liquid suspension of tiny silver particles, is believed to act as an antibiotic for the treatment of infections, rashes, sunburn, burns, wounds,... Read More »

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Is colloidal silver good for my cat's urinary tract infection?

On One Hand: A Powerful Natural AntibioticColloidal silver is reported to be a potent natural antibiotic which can kill more than 650 disease/infection causing organisms. It can be given in conjunc... Read More »

How much colloidal silver turns you blue?

While it's true that excesses of colloidal silver can cause the skin to gets a blueish tint, this is usually caused after years of taking daily supplements in rather large doses. The documented cas... Read More »

How often should you put colloidal silver in a swimming pool?

On One Hand: U.S. Regulations on Colloidal SilverU.S. regulations limit levels of colloidal silver in drinking water to less than 20 parts per billion (ppb). This level of concentration is adequate... Read More »

Can a silver spoon&water make colloidal silver?

A silver spoon stirred in water will create colloidal silver, according to Bali for Kids. Since colloidal silver is simply water with silver particles, a spoon with a high concentration of silver w... Read More »