How long does cocain stay in the urine?

Answer 72 hours if you snort it, 56 hours if you eat it, 52 hours if you shoot it.

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How is cocain made in america at home without coca leaves?

The cocaine itself would not be made here, but would be made into the finished product such as after getting here in purest form would be mixed with inert ingredients so it is no longer pure, or wo... Read More »

I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant and ive done cocain about 3 times if i never do it again will it still hurt my baby?

Answer The damage may have already been done. During pregnancy it is always advisable to avoid smoking and alchohol, too, as those could all affect the fetus as it is growing.

Positive for cocain and benzo on a hair follical test?

You either did in another life ;) Or someone switched your sh!t.

Can I overdose on...?

I don't know but if you're feeling suicidal please talk to someone about it. There are lots of people out there to talk to: friends, family, hotlines and organisations that you can email or IM (ima... Read More »