How much coal is used to make electricity?

Answer The average home uses 877 kilowatt hours of electricity every month, and 10,500 kilowatt hours every year. The energy produced per ton of coal fuel is 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. This mean... Read More »

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How much electricity does coal make?

A typical coal-fired plant must burn about 1.4 million tons of coal per year to generate 500 megawatts of electricity. Coal generates about 54 percent of the electricity in the United States.Refere... Read More »

How much coal is used to make a ton of paper?

Making 1 ton of paper requires 1.2 tons of coal. The process also requires two cords of wood, 55,000 gallons of water, 102 pounds of sulfur, 350 pounds of lime and 289 pounds of clay.References:eNo... Read More »

How to Make a Better Coal Forge?

How to create a better and more efficient coal forge for blacksmithing. It includes an ash trap and even a tuyere (air passage for a blower or bellows).

How to Make Coke from Coal?

Coke is an easy to make form of coal that burns much hotter and brighter and is also a good starter for a hot coal fire, fit for forging, casting, blacksmithing or curling up with a cup of cocoa.