How much citric acid does pineapple juice contain?

Answer Citric acid makes up 87 percent of the acid content of pineapple juice, according to research conducted by Harvey T. Chan Jr., Eduardo Chenchin and Paul Vonnahme, and published in the Journal of Ag... Read More »

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How much citric acid is in lemon juice?

Pure lemon juice contains 1.44 g of citric acid per ounce, and lemon juice concentrate contains 1.10 g per ounce. In store-bought lemonade, the citric acid content can vary from 0.03 to 0.20 g per ... Read More »

What percentage of lemon juice contains citric acid?

The amount of citric acid in lemon juice varies between 6 percent and 10 percent. The other ingredients in lemon juice are water, gum, sugar and inorganic salts. The pressure of the rind also somet... Read More »

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