How much cholesterol is needed for human survival?

Answer Your body makes 75 percent of its daily cholesterol requirements (approximately 800 to 1,000 mgs) in the liver and intestines. Even if you remove all dietary cholesterol (cholesterol from food) fro... Read More »

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When on a low cholesterol diet, how much cholesterol can one consume?

Although it's not easy to determine how much cholesterol you can have on a low cholesterol diet--you need to work this out with your doctor and nutritionist--the American Heart Association says you... Read More »

Why is cholesterol needed in the plasma membrane?

Cholesterol is a substance that is important to the function of the body's cells. It is most often found in the cell's membranes.SignificanceThe membrane surrounding our cells is known as the plasm... Read More »

How much cholesterol is ok in a low cholesterol diet?

On One Hand: Serving By ServingA low-cholesterol diet is based on the number of milligrams present in any single serving of food. To maintain a low-cholesterol diet, never eat more than 20 mg of ch... Read More »

Courses Needed to Major in Human Biology at UCSD?

The Human Biology course load at the University of California San Diego provides students with the fundamental background necessary to enter advanced practical degree programs in medicine, veterina... Read More »