How much cholesterol is in steak?

Answer There are approximately 70mg of cholesterol in a 3-oz. T-bone or porterhouse steak, and 75mg of cholesterol in a 3-oz. rump steak. This applies to broiled steaks with both fat and lean parts.Source... Read More »

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What has more cholesterol: steak or lobster?

Steak has more cholesterol than lobster. A 3 oz. lobster has about 61 mg of cholesterol, while a lean, 3 oz. porterhouse steak contains about 71 mg of cholesterol. Steaks with more fat content will... Read More »

Is beef steak high in cholesterol?

Beef steak is a high cholesterol food at 70 milligrams of cholesterol for a 3.5 ounce portion. Cholesterol comes from animal products. You should limit your total cholesterol intake to 300 milligra... Read More »

If you bought steak to a cookout and only hamburgers were cooked...should you ask for ur steak back?

Well, that would be bad manners. BUT if they didn't cook the steak, that's poor manners too. When you bring food or drink to someplace, they are supposed to serve it. If they don't, you don't sa... Read More »

How long does it take for cholesterol medicine to begin lowering my cholesterol?

On One Hand: Some Lower Cholesterol QuicklyThere are four basic categories of cholesterol treating medications: statins, fibrates, resins and nicotinic acid (niacin). Statins such as Lipitor® (ato... Read More »