How much cholesterol is in milk?

Answer Because milk is an animal product, it naturally contains cholesterol. Reduce the amount of cholesterol you are getting from milk by drinking skim milk (which contains about 5 mg per cup) instead of... Read More »

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Does milk raise cholesterol levels?

On One Hand: Fat and CholesterolMilk and other dairy products contain variable levels of fat and cholesterol that can contribute to elevated cholesterol levels with regular consumption. Federal reg... Read More »

Why don't cows die of heart attacks if milk is high in fat and cholesterol?

It's a vast cow conspiracy to end the human race.

How long does it take for cholesterol medicine to begin lowering my cholesterol?

On One Hand: Some Lower Cholesterol QuicklyThere are four basic categories of cholesterol treating medications: statins, fibrates, resins and nicotinic acid (niacin). Statins such as Lipitor® (ato... Read More »

Can anyone tell me the difference between cow milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk?

YesCow milk tastes like milk, the rest are merely scam imitations, rather than direct substitutes. It's like calling Mountain Dew, milk.