How much cholesterol is in crab legs?

Answer This particular question depends on the type of crab being eaten. Alaska King Crabs, for example, contain 71 mg of cholesterol (24 percent of the recommended daily allowance, or RDA) for each 134 g... Read More »

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How much cholesterol is in crab?

Three ounces of baked crab contains 80 mg of cholesterol, according to the Columbia University Health Q&A Internet Service, "Go Ask Alice." The cholesterol level of one King crab leg equals 71 mg.S... Read More »

How much mercury is in king crab legs?

King crab has a mean of .060 parts per million (ppm) of mercury, according to the Food and Drug Administration. In comparison, swordfish has a mean ppm of .976 of mercury, while fresh salmon has .... Read More »

How much meat is in one pound of alaskan king crab legs?

Three Alaskan King Crab legs typically comprise one pound. Each leg generates approximately three ounces of meat when cooked, so one pound will produce nine ounces of cooked crab meat.References:Al... Read More »

Is crab high in cholesterol?

Crab is somewhat high in cholesterol, though lower than other types of seafood. Three ounces of cooked Alaska King crab contains 45mg of cholesterol; the same portion of cooked blue crab contains a... Read More »