How much chlorine do you need to sanitize a spa?

Answer Chlorine levels in spas and hot tubs should be maintained at a residual level of approximately 3 parts per million (ppm), depending on usage. Free chlorine levels should be maintained at .5 to 1 pp... Read More »

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How much chlorine is needed to sanitize a spa?

The proper amount of chlorine utilized in spa maintenance is 3 to 5 ppm, or 3 to 5 parts chlorine per million parts water. However, when administering a chlorine shock after a water change, the ch... Read More »

Can i sanitize a wading pool with chlorine bleach?

Chlorine bleach is made out of a chemical called sodium hypochlorite. When diluted, it is safe to use as a cleaner. However, it should never be used to clean a wading pool. A product specifically d... Read More »

Is the easiest way to sanitize a pool with chlorine Eco Smarte or Natural 2?

Sanitizing your swimming poolThe question seems to run together and be confusing. I believe what is being asked is "What is the easiest way to sanitize a pool? Chlorine, Eco Smart or a Natures 2 sy... Read More »

How to Sanitize an RV or Motor Home Water System with the Sanitize It RSVU03 System?

You can easily sanitize and disinfect the entire potable water system in your RV Motor Home. Quickly kill all bacteria, fungi and pathogens without using dangerous chemicals or chemical residue. Th... Read More »